This is the definitive loose core for plastic mold Losecon-30



Please utilize LOSECON-30.
Five merits are indicated.

1.Total cost reduction

Perfect power savingWidened flexibility allows "Total Cost Reduction" in product design, mold design and building, and even forming.


Stable operationRemarkably stable operation mechanism guarantees safe operation without any constraints of ejection stroke or angle.

3.Self-alignment function

Elimination of cumulative displacements and errorsWhen more than one component is engaged with more than one plate, thermal displacement and machining error generate deviation in the angle and position. Each joint portion of "LOSECON®-30 PAT." is equipped with the self-alignment function.

4.Application range

From precision items to heavy itemsApplicable to from replaceable mold ( approx. 10 kgf ) to 30 tons of heavyweight level mold.

5.Space saving design

Amazingly compact"Bending Moment" is not generated structurally. Therefore, the whole system can be surprisingly downsized, and various ripple effects are expected resulting in "Total Cost Reduction".


Losecon-30 image

LOSECON-30 is added to improve the performance of LOSECON-30. We have achieved rapid trial startup, improvement in the quality of molds and products, safety, simplicity, and cost reduction.

Engineering Services

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Obtaining specific values of “Allowance” and “Operation” allows verification of strength validation in advance.
We propose that you cast away the idea of excessively strengthened structure and step into the idea of space- and energy-saving slim system.

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