This is the definitive loose core for plastic mold Losecon-30


Privacy Policy

Policy of Protecting Personal Information

We, TAKAO INJECTION MOLD ENGINEERING Corporation, will commit ourselves to preserving confidentiality about clients’ corporation and personal information, securing accuracy, and protecting against risks in selling “LOSECON®-30 PAT.”
that is used as a lose core support device to address the undercut portions of injection molds in a company-wide manner.
We especially focus on personal information protection as one of the first priorities in our business activities. In other words, we recognize that we are socially responsible for appropriate handling of personal information and managing personal information safely at the social level.

TAKAO INJECTION MOLD ENGINEERING Corporation, President Hiroshi Takao

  1. When we collect, use, or provide personal information, we clearly express the purpose and collect, use, or provide personal information with the consent of individuals about whom information is described.
  2. We store personal information to be handled under strict management, and perform appropriate preventive actions and corrective actions to prevent and eliminate unauthorized access, loss, corruption, falsification, and leakage regarding personal information.
  3. We comply with all the laws and codes regarding personal information protection.
  4. . We establish the compliance program for personal information, let all the employees follow the program completely, review the program on a regular basis, and improve the program if necessary.

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LOSECON-30 is added to improve the performance of LOSECON-30. We have achieved rapid trial startup, improvement in the quality of molds and products, safety, simplicity, and cost reduction.

Engineering Services

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Obtaining specific values of “Allowance” and “Operation” allows verification of strength validation in advance.
We propose that you cast away the idea of excessively strengthened structure and step into the idea of space- and energy-saving slim system.

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