This is the definitive loose core for plastic mold Losecon-30


Online Simulation

This online simulation is our unique technical estimation service with use of our original developed CAE to provide customers with satisfactory use of “LOSECON®-30 PAT.” with peace of mind.


Please use our analyzed results as a guideline for space saving, downsizing, and cost reduction.

  • ①Estimation of “Mold Release Resistance” and “Ejection Resistance” allows the stress analysis simulation for each part.
  • ②Online member registration is required
  • ③Follow the numbers to make entries.
  • ④“Buckling Stress of Core Rod-Bar”, “Shearing Stress of Joint Pin”, and “Bending and Shearing Stress of Guide Rod” will be estimated and the results will be evaluated by comparing with each allowable stress.
  • ⑤Press the Enter button after all the entries.
    We will send you back the analysis results after you send us your confirmed contents.

※This estimation is conducted on the basis of the simulation under the theoretically normal mounting conditions.
Therefore, we shall not guarantee all the estimation including uncertain factors.
Please be forewarned.


Losecon-30 image

LOSECON-30 is added to improve the performance of LOSECON-30. We have achieved rapid trial startup, improvement in the quality of molds and products, safety, simplicity, and cost reduction.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services image

Obtaining specific values of “Allowance” and “Operation” allows verification of strength validation in advance.
We propose that you cast away the idea of excessively strengthened structure and step into the idea of space- and energy-saving slim system.

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