This is the definitive loose core for plastic mold Losecon-30


Zero complaint record continued

Since starting sales, we have been proud of no complaint against a cumulative total of 100,000 sets. The multi-undercut-free device, loose core component, and "LOSECON®-30 PAT." allow users to demolish heretofore concepts. The strength of each item is guaranteed with a specific value.

The muiti-undercut-free device "LOSECON-30"
No more “Seat-of-the-Pants”, conventional concept wiped out by armed knowledge.


Losecon-30 image

LOSECON-30 is added to improve the performance of LOSECON-30. We have achieved rapid trial startup, improvement in the quality of molds and products, safety, simplicity, and cost reduction.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services image

Obtaining specific values of “Allowance” and “Operation” allows verification of strength validation in advance.
We propose that you cast away the idea of excessively strengthened structure and step into the idea of space- and energy-saving slim system.

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